Diasporal Rhythms
A Gallery Should Be About More Than Buying and Selling Art, Says Newly Minted Gallerist Janice Bond
February 16, 2023

Art Is Bond is not only a place to exhibit work of acclaimed Houston and global artists of the African diaspora, but a space for a non-profit to host a fundraiser, or a group of budding collectors to gather and learn more about the local and international art scene. With that mind, more than 2,000 books and catalogs from Bond’s personal archive are available in the gallery as part of a public reading room, where people can ask questions and learn more about art history and collecting. Early in her hyphenated career, Bond wasn’t sure where to begin when it came to collecting art, and sought advice from Patric McCoy, co-founder and president of Diasporal Rhythms, an organization dedicated to the appreciation of artists of the African diaspora. “He said, ‘I collect art like I collect music,’” says Bond. “Do you like the song? Buy the record!”

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