Diasporal Rhythms

Diasporal Rhythms welcomes all of our supporters and patrons to the 2023 Collectors’ Intimate Spaces Home Tour, an important part of our 20 th year celebration event lineup. This year marks the Fifteenth year we have presented this event, held during October, formally known as Chicago Artists Month. 

This year the tour offers two routes: Bronzeville and South Shore. Each Tour route will consist of three homes for each route located in Chicago’s South Side neighborhoods, each of which features unique art collections that have in common works from the 24 artists who previously have been honoared by Diasporal Rhythms. To make sure that the Collectors’ Home Tour is all that you anticipate, we have provided below some information on how it will work.

Registration All ticket holders must check in at the Registration Desk, located in front of The Logan Center for the Arts, for tour scheduling information and, for those choosing to drive themselves, route information. 

Transportation You may drive yourself to each destination at your leisure; you determine the route and the time spent at each home. Alternatively, a trolley has been provided and is recommended as the best way to visit the homes. The trolley at capacity holds 35 people. The trolley departs from the Logan Center for the Arts 915 E 60th St, Chicago, IL 60637.Please arrive 20 minutes early for registration.

 Group 1 Tours A/B at 9:00 a.m. Group 2 Tours A/B at 9:30 a.m.

 Group 3 Tours A/B at 1:00 p.m. Group 4 Tours A/B at 1:30 p.m.

 The trolley will return to the pickup site at the end of the tour (scheduled to end no later than 5:00 p.m.). 

The trolley is accompanied by a Diasporal Rhythms member who will share information on the collections included in the tour and answer questions from participants. Additionally, a volunteer navigator will be on board to guide the driver on a specific pre-determined route. It is important that participants enter and disembark from the trolley as expeditiously as possible in order for us to stay on schedule. Refreshments and Facilities are not included in the ticket price. There is no eating or drinking allowed in the homes, although water will be provided. Restroom facilities are available at registration. We ask that you keep use of facilities to a minimum while visiting the homes.

Track A Bronzeville Tour

Collection Profiles

Feaster Collection

FEASTER COLLECTION Lovingly restored; this lovely Victorian home includes a wonderful collection of contemporary art of the African diaspora that is beautifully integrated with antique furnishings from the Federal Period as well as vintage family photographs. The overall ambiance is one of gracious living with art amassed by a couple who have complementary collecting interests. In addition to their compelling collection of art by other contemporary artists, one of the homeowners is a prolific stained-glass artist who has filled the home with some of his own works that vividly come to life in the large windows that fill each room. Visitors should pay attention to a variety of these Feaster Glassworks located at many of the other venues on the Collectors’ Home Tour.

Mc Coy Collection

MCCOY Collection This gorgeous North Kenwood condo is filled with a vast collection of art from the African Diaspora and beyond—over 1100 works of art collected over more than four decades. Although there are many pieces collected during this collector’s travels across the Americas, Europe and Africa, the overwhelming majority of the 300+ artists represented in the collection are from the Chicago area. This unique collection also includes examples of work done by a broad array of Diasporal Rhythms featured artists. This large, sun-filled space is beautifully decorated with sleek mid-century modern furniture that complements the art that fills the space. Each piece of art is lovingly and intelligently arranged to create a harmonious installation that that wonderfully surprises and entertains in one area, provokes thoughtful conversation in another and overall calms the spirit. Arranged in mini-collections, the viewer will be completely enthralled with the entryway through to the living room, hallway, bathrooms and back porch—and don’t ignore the ceiling.

Mims Collection

Bernard Mims Collection Explore over 600 works of Art comprised of Originals Works, African Artifacts, Dolls, and Lighting Art. You will view works by William Tolliver, Kenneth Humphries, John Biggers, Dr. Margert Barrows, Thomas Williams, Candace Hunter, Lucy Slivinski, Ted Harris, Akilah Kamaria and many more. Mr. Mims goal in collecting art is to ensure that anyone vesting the Mims home knows a proud African American family lives here. Mr. Mims is the curator of Faie Afrikan Art located in the historic neighborhood of Bronzeville, Chicago, Il.

Track B South Shore Tour 

Collection Profiles

Williams Collection

Shyvette Williams Collection This penthouse apartment located in a beautifully kept Tudor building in the South Shore neighborhood is home to a marvelous collection of art. The entire space pays homage to the importance of balance and harmony, both inside and out, including a serene balcony overlooking neighborhood rooftops. The art collection is a masterful counterpoint to a stunning collection of antique furniture. The homeowner is an artist and interior designer who collects primarily art and artifacts of the African diaspora but who only sparingly displays those of her own works with which she has lived for many years, including an intricate re-imagined portrait of mother and child. This collector has been collecting art for over two decades to amass a powerful yet eclectic collection. While there is a muscular Michael Qualls sculpture and wonderful pieces by Susan Clinard, it also includes pieces from more than half of the Diasporal Rhythms featured artists.

Dixon Elementary School Collection

There’s something very special about the Arthur Dixon Elementary School on Chicago’s South Side. Over two-hundred works of art fill the bright yellow halls of the school building and spill outside into the schoolyard. Sculptures, oil paintings, watercolors, mosaics, and textiles by local Chicago artists including Diasporal Rhythms featured artists Adedayo Laoye, Annette (Malika) Jackson and Faheem Majeed, among many others (including the students themselves), will present you with a viewing experience filled with color, texture, and creativity.  The artwork has had a positive impact on the student body, where the art is integrated into the curriculum and where the children respect and value the art gracing the building’s walls.

The collection began in the 1990’s with the efforts of Principal Joan Dameron Chrisler and her assistant principal at the time, Carol Briggs.  The school and its art has been memorialized in a recent documentary “The Curators of Dixon School” by Pamela Sherrod Anderson. This 2012 film, which has garnered great reviews by critics, is also worth checking out.

Hambric Collection 

Upon entering this beautiful south-side raised ranch, you are immediately touched by the graceful elegance of this lovely home. As you stand there, your eyes focus on an exquisite collection of paintings, sculptures and prints strategically grouped to compliment the color pallet of one another and the tastefully décor of the mid-century modern furniture in each room. Even in the kitchen, through the creative design of the collector, an outstanding art piece created by Murry N. DePillars is extended into a magnificent backsplash using the colors and details of the piece. Her collection contains art from artists such as Romare Bearden, Bayo and Jesse Howard, and African art and artifacts that she obtained during her own travels. The collector has masterfully integrated the contemporary and African art into a visual delight. A visit to this home will leave you with a feeling of warmth, comfort and style, so take time to enjoy. One last thing, don’t forget to ask the collector about her owls.