Diasporal Rhythms
G.L Smothers
September 27, 2023
Artist Profile

G.L Smothers

G.L.’s work is highlighted with simple minimal abstract forms using a primary color  palette. This native Chicagoan is slowly building a reputation as an energetic artist  who has synthesized his artistic training into a wellspring of contemporary ideas;  that highlight people involved in everyday events. He readily admits that his secret  passion has been painting. This past time was realized even more as he attended  classes at Kent State and found that his studies and interests were not aligned.  Upon graduating from college he returned to Chicago, began a career in interior  design, and painted in his spare time. In 1994, with encouragement from his  mother, he started sharing his work with others. 

“My mother has always encouraged me to be prayerful.” G.L. states “In 1994, Joe  Clark, a Chicago art dealer, told me not to be afraid of color. I realized that all my  training in industrial design and working as a custom furniture designer had  actually prepared me to step out on faith. My first show was organized and hosted  in my parents’ home. People serve as the basis of my inspiration” G.L. reveals. “I  sketch as an exercise and am fascinated by people. I like to entertain and have  recently realized that I do not need a lot in my life and have started to de-clutter  my home and minimize my life. Art follows life, but my life is following my art.”