Diasporal Rhythms
Max Sansing
September 27, 2023
Artist Profile

Max Sansing

Max Sansing is a Chicago-based fine artist and one of the city’s most prolific and  talented muralists. His distinct aesthetic fuses the color-drenched dynamism of  street art with the technical elegance of photorealism. Born and raised on the  South Side by two artistic parents, Sansing discovered his passion and creative gift at an early age. During his youth he was involved with several graffiti crews and  taught himself oil painting before completing formal training at the American  Academy of Art. In addition to his studio practice, Sansing is frequently  commissioned to create large-scale murals and experiential installations across  the country. He is deeply committed to supporting his Chicago community; and is  involved with numerous youth programs that expand arts opportunities in  underserved areas. His work has been featured in gallery shows and special events  in Chicago, New York and Miami, among others.