Diasporal Rhythms
Mitch Anderson
September 27, 2023
Artist Profile

Mitch Anderson

Mitch Anderson is an artist whose style grew from architectural renderings he began  creating as a teenager. His work drew national acclaim in the form of an award for  best home design during his Sr. year at Lane Technical High School; presented by the  National Institute of Design. During this period, he began developing an  understanding of space, composition, and value. He also created cityscapes in Pen &  Ink, as well as in Watercolor. One was selected for best in show at University of  Illinois – Chicago’s annual architectural rendering competition. 


Mitch earned his undergraduate degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology;  where he created the edgy comic strip, “Son of Ra”, which appeared in the campus  newspaper. He complemented those experiences with extensive studies of anatomy  and life drawing, particularly studying works by “the Masters”. His works include  cartoons, greeting cards and illustrations used in many national publications. His  gallery pieces, have been exhibited at the South Side Community Art Center auction,  the Trinity United Black History Month Art exhibition, the annual Chicago Museum of  Science and Industry’s: Black Creativity exhibit, as well as Galleries in the Bronzeville,  Oak Park, Logan Square and Pilsen Neighborhoods.