Diasporal Rhythms
Steven S. Walker
October 14, 2023
Artist Profile

Steven S. Walker

Steven S. Walker has been creating inspiring works of art for corporations and  private collectors for over twenty years. He earned his bachelor’s degree in fine  arts at Virginia Commonwealth University, with a concentration in illustration. He  would later earn his masters in fine arts from Marywood University, where he also  met his wife/ fellow artist Evelyn. As a full time artist, Steven has been included in  several local and national juried competitions including the Oil Painters of America  Eastern Regional, Salon and National, Richeson 75 Landscape Competition, Plein  Air Salon, the International Salon and the Art Renewal Center. Steven also had the  privilege of being a part of a statewide traveling exhibition with the Virginia  Museum of Fine Arts.  


Most recently Steven’s career has included plein air events including Plein Air  South, Forgotten Coast Plein Air, Georgia Colors and the Olmsted Invitational;  which earned him a judges award from the editor of art collector magazine.  Steven continues to work hard on the advancement of his career, with the  assistance of his lovely wife Evelyn and studio assistant/daughter, Poppy.  Currently, his work is represented in Kentucky, Washington State, Ohio, Georgia,  North Carolina, Virginia, Oklahoma and Washington, D.C. “I didn’t come from a  family of artists, I wasn’t top of my class or win a lot of awards; but I’ve always had  a strong work ethic and the passion to work on my craft.” – Steven Walker