Diasporal Rhythms
Yohance Lacour
October 15, 2023
Artist Profile

Yohance Lacour

The YJL Sneaker collection is an intersection of luxury, fine art, and fortitude. As a kid growing up on the Southside of Chicago, a ‘sneakerhead’ long before the phrase was ever coined; I was a part of a subculture that would reshape the American landscape forever. We not only created industries, we cemented our place as the world’s official trendsetter and most prominent cultural influencer.
Hip-Hop is where Black and Brown youth living in poverty were able to embrace their struggle while simultaneously aspiring to enjoy the luxuries afforded exclusively to the other side of the class spectrum. The sneaker was the quintessential representation of that dichotomy. Today, we’re both rugged and romantic, slick and sexy, we’re gritty and graceful.