Diasporal Rhythms
Eddie Filer
September 27, 2023
Artist Profile

Eddie Filer jr.

Eddie Filer, Jr. has been an active artist for over thirty years. While classical  portraiture is his main focus, he pursues other forms of painting and creates in  other media, including drawing and sculpture. He prefers oil paint to other media  because of its slow drying time; which allows for adjustments to be made to wet on-wet painting. 


Filer, a recipient of numerous awards, including two Certificates of Excellence from  the Portrait Society of America’s: Annual International Portrait Competition. He  has had solo exhibitions at the Houston Museum of African American Culture,  “My Life and Life Around Me” and at the Susan Tyler Studio in 2016, in Galveston.  Group exhibitions, include the upcoming “Figurative Art” in Houston, “The Glassell  Connection” at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston’s Glassell School of Art, “The Big  Show” at Lawndale Art Center, “African American Artists Exhibition 2020” at  University Of Houston at Clear Lake; “Existing Between Line & Space” at South  Side Community Arts Center in Chicago, “Over There Some Place” at Prairie View  A&M’s Northwest Hampton Center, “The Figure Redefined” at Third Coast Gallery  in Galveston and “Citywide African American Artists Exhibition” at Texas Southern  University. Works expected in the ’22-’23 Museum of Science and Industry’s: Black  Creativity Chicago.