Diasporal Rhythms
Liz Gomez
September 27, 2023
Artist Profile

Liz Gomez

Liz Gomez is a multidisciplinary artist, activist and educator, currently based in  Chicago, IL. Gomez’s work aims to celebrate freedom, vulnerability and the  endless depths of the human spirit. Their visual practice includes portraiture,  performance and mixed media assemblage; centered in service, healing and  authenticity. Gomez’s portrait practice combats generations of systematic erasure  by representing those whose legacies have been minimized or misrepresented.  Gomez is the Founder of The Divine Gratitude Portrait Movement, a series  designed to give thanks and bring visibility to individuals whose stories show the  healing powers of holding space for others. 

By combining art, film and education, Gomez hopes to show the positive impact  gratitude and service can have in every community. Gomez completed their BFA in  2014, from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago; and currently holds  residency in The Hunter Radcliffe Artist Residency program, and the Chicago Artist  Coalition: Field & Work Residency program. Their work has been shown at  Rootwork Gallery, Chicago, IL; Stony Island Arts Bank, Chicago, IL; ACM CHI  Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Montreal, CA; Nobel Peace  Prize Forum, Minneapolis MN, Phantom Gallery, William Hill Gallery, Chicago  Cultural Center, The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, IL, Radcliffe Hunter  International Gallery, Chicago, IL, Aplomb Gallery, Chicago, IL, The Gene Siskel  Film Center and Evanston Art Center 22nd Evanston, IL.